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Our Mission

When residents are in crisis they not only need practical help but need to know that someone will listen to them and understand without judgement or criticism.


We want them to feel that there is somewhere that they can come whatever their circumstances or needs and we will try our best to help and they can still attend even when the crisis has passed.

We want to give people access to opportunities to take part, make new friendships and to feel part of their


We want to help parents stimulate themselves and their children and improve relationships and build
positive memories for the future.


We want to help people build self-confidence and recognise their strengths and maybe give some time to help us.


We want to encourage residents not to feel so helpless and hopeless in the face of their seemingly insurmountable problems.


We want to help them see a way through their issues and to ask for appropriate help from others.


We want to help people to manage their money and not to have to resort to money lenders by encouraging them to go to money lenders by encouraging them to use the Credit Union.


We want to reduce their anxiety and improve their mental health.


Registered charity 1154552

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